The Curious Case of ?.let {} ?: run {}

Try this code :

fun main() {
val theCase: Int? = 1
theCase?.let {
} ?: run {

fun fun1() {

fun fun2(): Unit? {
// return println("fun2")
return null

fun funError(){

The result :


So the funError() was called - but it shouldn’t?

Play with the code and change the fun2() to :

fun fun2(): Unit? {
return println("fun2")
// return null

Generally speaking, funError() should be called only when (?)

val theCase: Int? = null

Not really …

You can read more about it (and many others) in details here :

Git RERERE +.gitconfig for folder directory -> no more problems with git users for private and work profiles.

What is the problem with Kotlin .all {} extension function from Kotlin Collection?

Documentation :

* Returns `true` if all elements match the given [predicate].
@sample samples.collections.Collections.Aggregates.all
public inline fun <T> Iterable<T>.all(predicate: (T) -> Boolean): Boolean {
if (this is Collection && isEmpty()) return true
for (element in this) if (!predicate(element)) return false
return true

So if you have a collection … let’s say like this :

val list = listOf<String>("OK", "OK")

and you want to check if all elements match the given condition: “are all elements in collection equals “OK”?

You can try this…

Github repo :

  • Horizontal RecyclerView
  • Span selected item to centre
  • Highlight card while scrolling
  • Select only when scrolling is finished
  • Add new cards and smooth scroll to position
  • Drag and Drop to delete
  • Change background while dragging

Starting from Android Marshmallow (Android 6.0; API level 23) all Android devices takes care of battery optimization by default and force system to use as small connectivity, resources and CPU as possible to achieve it.

There are two power-saving features which reduce battery consumption and one of it is DOZE MODE.

What is DOZE MODE in details you can find here:

If you are reading this article you probably know what it is and you are only looking for some simple answers for a few questions :

  1. “How to test DOZE MODE ?
  2. “How to set DOZE MODE…

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